Card Production & Mailing Services

Card Production

Kronentec works with the biggest card manufacturers around the globe: Thales, G+D and Austria Cards in order to supply a broad range of card types including blank cards, EMV and Non-EMV cards, Identification Cards, Government Cards and many more.


From design to implementation, we offer Mastercard® debit and credit cards all based upon professional services.

Kronentec offers a diversified range of unprecedented techniques to attain a finished product that surpasses our customers’ expectations and has the uniqueness aspect which distinguishes it from other products. Print techniques we offer include:


We collaborate with eminent retailers to guarantee delivering the ultimate printing and packaging requirements for a payment card that is used to make purchases from a single company.

Membership Card
Gift Cards

Gift Cards

We acknowledge the importance of distinctive printing techniques and catchy packaging that are appealing as gift cards.

Membership Cards

Membership Cards

All types of membership cards offers from design through full technical support on RFID or ID-type card solutions are maintained to satisfy the maximum number of clients.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards

In order to provide our customers with the optimal service, we coordinate with third parties experts to meet their requirements.

Retail Store Cards

Retail Store Cards

To ensure we fulfill the requirements of closed-loop retail cards, we work closely with knowledgeable retailers to cover all printing and packaging criteria.


For your ID cards, we are able to produce and cater with the needed requirements to various sectors and upon demand.

ID Card


Kronentec offers a vast range of customizable card printing solutions, with a variety of printing techniques and a full
suite of card security features

• Using UV dull method
• Security background: GUILLOCHE, Rainbow
• Micro lettering
• Hologram
• Holographic laminate
• Clear window

• UV fluorescent inks
• Kinegram
• CLI/MLI-Changeable/Multiple Laser Image
• Laser engraved image