Software Solutions

Instant Issuance Solution

Over the last twenty years, Instant Issuance has been picking up steam, progressing and rising in popularity globally. Nowadays, promptness, comfort and ease are a must-have for cardholders who are going after an effortless digital banking experience that matches the standards they are used to having in their daily lives.

Recently, Banks have become mainly concerned with creating convenient operation and excellent user experience for their cardholders; therefore, providing them with a new payment card in prompt fashion is an essential plus in a world that demands readiness and punctuality.

We offer our consumers a potent, inclusive in-branch solution, along with state-of-the-art, deployable cloud software that is shielded by maximum level of security— all enhanced by our latest hardware.

Now, banks can swiftly provide and familiarize customers with their services in order to create an optimal in-branch issuance experience.