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Central Issuance Solution

Secure EMV card issuance solution
Our Central Issuance solution is rather exhaustive, bundled and fully packed, conforming to PCI security measures, EMVco conditions, and Visa and MasterCard certification requirements, thus supervising the complete card personalization procedure.
What is Central Issuance?
It is a solution that guarantees a safe and simple card issuance procedure.
Nowadays, employing our new Central Base features can help you create, run and direct EMV profiles for noteworthy card schemes, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, JCB and PBOC2 in addition to local schemes.

The set of Central Base features involves the following:

card profile management_

Card profile management


monitoring & reporting


These features provide financial institutions with all that is needed to deliver optimum, centrally issued EMV cards.

By virtue of its Production Management, PIN mailer and card carrier functions, Shopfloor renders operations smooth and simple.

Its key functions include acquiring files from the Central Base, then enabling the Shopfloor system manager to systematize the production flow on top of one or several machines from major suppliers or dealers, like CIM, Matica, DataCard and Mühlbauer.

Additionally, it can carry and hold Native, Java and Multos cards from each and every producer by reason of its loose and flexible design.